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Marshaller & Partners Law Firm

Investment support

Registration of Joint Investment Institutions (JII) of venture funds and asset management companies

Registration of issues of bonds, shares

Obtaining appropriate licenses from the NSCMF, Gosfinuslug, making enterprises in the register

Development of the legal part of the investment project

Assistance in obtaining bank guarantees

Obtaining work permits for foreign citizens

Development of mechanisms for protecting the funds of participants in investment funds

The company specializes in the implementation of a comprehensive, integrated legal support for any investment activity. After all, every experienced entrepreneur knows that the constant support of competent lawyers is the key to obtaining benefits from investments.

The qualified team of the Marshaller Group provides a wide range of investment services and provides everything from investment advice to supporting the actual placement of investments. You can count on help with tax planning when investing and concluding quality investment contracts in various forms.

The company’s specialists will also help you in making a profit from investment activity, and in case of its termination – safely withdraw previously invested investments.